Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kristin North, Vice President, Institutional Sales - TD Ameritrade - On Articulating Your Value

In a nutshell:

"At TD Ameritrade Institutional, we coach our clients -- financial advisors -- on various techniques and methodologies they may use to engage their clients and prospects.  Miller Heiman's Conceptual Selling Methodology can help anyone in a selling situation understand what is truly important to their clients.  Once a client's "concept" is understood, it is then possible to create a solution that will hopefully fulfill their need(s).  It's always important to realize that clients are primarily motivated by the need to "fix, accomplish, or avoid" an issue at hand.  By asking meaningful, probing questions and then carefully listening to the answers you can build credibility and work together with your client to create win-win solutions.
Additionally, it is important to incorporate the concept of working with buying styles.  By understanding an individual's buying style, it is much easier to tailor your own selling style to their needs. There are 4 primary styles to consider:

The Commander - likes to be in charge, is often guarded, and has a low tolerance for feelings, attitudes, and advice of others.  In order to engage this type of client, the focus needs to be on facts and the dialogue needs to be clear, direct, and formal. 

The Analyzer - is often soft-spoken, asks lots of detailed questions, and uses few gestures.  An Analyzer wants organization, documentation, and detailed facts to make a decision.

The Performer - is very enthusiastic and spontaneous, talks a lot, and laughs easilty.  This individual needs their ideas to be supported, a high level of energy and a perceived audience to commit.

The Empathizer - avoids risk and change, won't easily commit, needs signficant relationship building.  To effectively work with this type of client, you must understand that an empathizer takes things very personally, address any of their concerns, and show sincere interest in them.

The sooner that you can understand both a client's "concept" and understand their buying style, the more quickly you can mold your solution to meet the needs of that client and secure the relationship and a solution (or sale)."

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