Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chip Workman, CFP, The Asset Advisory Group - On Articulating Your Value

In a nutshell:

"Internally, our mission and purpose is to provide financial and emotional security for like-minded individuals and their families.  We accomplish this through comprehensive financial and life planning and disciplined investment management.

We have been shifting how this mission is communicated to the outside world by integrating right-brained concepts and verbiage in our typically left-brained driven minds.
In other words, while our core values as an organization have not changed, we are in beta testing phase with our positioning statement as we work to make the value we provide our clients that much clearer.

Our Positioning Statement:
We provide guidance and planning surrounding the financial implications of our clients’ life goals.  We serve individuals and families seeking to protect their lifestyle, help their families, achieve comfort in retirement and build a legacy for the future.  With regular checkups, our clients are free to go about accomplishing their goals, knowing that their financial matters are in the hands of someone they trust and know to always have their best interests in mind.  We are the good guys, and we are not afraid to admit it. 

Those terms speak much louder to our clients, prospects and other centers of influence that we work with as opposed to terms like investment management, insurance, retirement and estate planning.  Yes, most everyone we work with needs all of those things, but, in their minds, it’s what those things do, not what they are, that’s more important."

Unfortunately, Chip's video clip did not save down to the camera correctly. We are happy that he was able to reconstruct some of what he shared at #FPA2010 by providing the written comments above.

Chip writes a blog for FPA. His website is

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