Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gary Klaben, ChFC, Coyle Asset Management Company - On Articulating Your Value

In a nutshell:

"We focus on the needs of our clients. We do not add new technology, process or system without first asking: Will this help our clients gain greater clarity, improve their lives or eliminate a danger they are encountering? We provide deep support and act as an advocate for our clients. We are in the service business that is based on leadership, a strong relationship and ever increasing new capability. We are the first phone call. We are either a family CFO, coach, ombudsmen, advisor or consigliore to our client families."

Hear Gary's comments by watching the video below. Visit, Gary's second business (an intellectual property company providing custom service offerings that help financial advisors deliver deep support to their clients) to learn more about the mindmapping software he's developed.

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