Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kim Jones, CFP, Jones Strategic Financial Planning - On Articulating Your Value

In a nutshell:

"I help people feel happy about their money by providing them tools to organize their financial lives so that they can have confidence in the future.  Most people have some concern about their money that causes them to feel unease.  It seems to me that money can’t buy you love or happiness.  But having your financial life in order can give you options and it’s those options that give you freedom and peace of mind.  What about your money causes you concern?

This puts the ball in the prospect’s court. Many people laugh and say, “My biggest money problem is I don’t have enough!”  If they say that I ask them to tell me more about that.  What does not having enough money mean?  What’s enough?  They then usually disclose a more precise concern such as their finances being in chaos. They don’t have enough money because they haven’t made good investment choices or because they’re not getting enough income from their investments.  They have too many accounts in too many places.  They have old 401k’s that they think they probably need to roll over.  Or, they just don’t know where their money goes.  The point is, whatever they say, it is their concern.  It’s not my agenda.  And, it’s not me providing a solution before I even know what’s bothering them.  Once I’ve heard their concern, then I describe how I can help."

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