Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sheryl Garrett, Garrett Planning Network

Hi, I’m Sheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network - a network of fee-only advisors offering hourly, as-needed financial planning.

The number one thing I want advisors to be thinking about is that our emerging profession is on the verge of–potentially–the most important re-regulation of investment advisors ever. The public at large has little or no understanding of what a financial planning professional does, nor do they have faith in the financial markets or financial advisors.

To truly evolve into a respected profession, we must get politically active now! The proposed re-regulation of all those that render investment advice needs to be clear, powerful and client-centered. To truly emerge as a profession, we must make competent, objective financial advice accessible to ALL people.

We must have regulatory reform that ensures that all consumers of financial advice can trust that advice to be rendered by competent fiduciaries. Our society is desperate for quality advice from professionals they can trust to put their best interests first, always!

If you’d like to talk further about this issue, or learn more about the Garrett Planning Network, please contact me through my website,

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